Apropos Earlier Narrative: Surya, Vishwakarma, Lord Vishnu, Sudarshan Chakra, Sudarshan Mantra

Apropos to my narration of “The Story of Ashwini Kumar(s)….”

Apropos to my narration of “The Story of Ashwini Kumar(s) – twin sons of Surya”, an interesting piece of information that I forgot to mention:-

Surya leaves the abode of Vishwakarma after being given a matt-finish to his golden glare, so that he can now attempt to woo back his wife Sandhya. After Surya’s exit, Vishwakarma is left with a heap of golden dust in his workshop; they are the gold particles that were scraped of Surya’s face and body to lessen the glow and glare of gold.

Vishwakarma experiences a moment of confusion. One, because this is the residue from the face and body of his son-in-law, and hence it must be accorded the same respect as Surya; so it cannot be just left lying there or disposed off indiscriminately. Two, it is the residue from Sun God Surya hence it possesses unique powers of healing, cleansing and enlightenment; so it must be put to discretionary use.

Vishwakarma then strikes upon an idea that he believes will do justice to both, Surya’s status as his son-in-law and the divine powers ingrained in the gold dust. He brings his engineering and architectural skills to the forefront, and crafts a small wheel – a “chakra”. When he is done, he is impressed with his own creation; he feels his creation deserves a better owner; Vishwakarma then makes his way to Vaikuntham, the abode of Lord Vishnu; there he humbly narrates the story of Surya, and presents him with the beautiful golden chakra (wheel) that he crafted from the golden dust and particles that were scraped off Surya’s body. Vishnu is pleased and honored to receive this gift.

As soon as Vishnu beholds this chakra, the chakra aligns itself to the energies of Vishnu and becomes what modern day Reiki masters refer to as “being aligned”, “being activated” or “being energized”. The touch of Vishnu has bestowed the chakra with powers of divine vision and discretion. The chakra develops an identity of its own and is now an entity. The chakra, in tune with its lineage of Surya (and the divine roles and responsibilities of his many sons), is able to distinguish “dharma” from “adharma” with its divine vision. Vishnu christens it “Su-darshan” – that which has clarity and discretion of vision. He installs the Sudarshan chakra on his right fore-finger and the chakra goes down in Vedic history as Vishnu’s prime weapon which is used to protect dharma and destroy adharma.

In a lighter sense, the Sudarshan chakra can be explained in modern day parlance also. The Sudarshan chakra is the master CD of the good and bad deeds (dharma and adharma) of all humanity. It is the master file of records to which Vishnu has access when he needs to process a request from your personal file. Depending on the debit or credit balance in our file records, Vishnu may either accept or reject an application. He is depicted in pictorial form with Sudarshan chakra in full view, as a reminder to mortals that he holds our records, this is to keep us in constant awareness of our deeds. If at any point, any one of us crosses the acceptable karmic threshold of bad deeds, it implies that there is a severe virus in our program file, and we run the risk of corrupting all other files in the CD; Vishnu will then have to intervene and ruthlessly delete our individual file from the CD – this means, we no longer exit – the end.

The narrative of the Sudarshan chakra brings me to another chapter in the Vedas – the Sudarshan mantra. The Sudarshan mantra (in addition to all other benefic effects) has been especially described and prescribed for nullifying and fighting the effects of “black magic”. The Sudarshan mantra destroys negativity and black energies.

Volumes have been detailed in Vedas on “black magic”. The “tantra-shastra” in Vedas is dedicated to dissecting, understanding and dealing with black magic. Black magic was formulated by Gods to deal with the severity of negativities dealt by asuras (demons). The demons did not succumb to simple weapons; hence something had to be formulated to suit the aggression and negativity inherent in asuras. That was the basis behind the research and formulation of tantra-shastra.

On a human level, tantra-shastra is meant to be used by seasoned practitioners who have dedicated their lives to God, divinity and good of all mankind. In such hands, it is safe. Tantra-shastra was received by sages from Gods, and passed on by sages with utmost discretion, to selected humans. It was meant to be used by practitioners to fight the “asuras” (demons) in humans, and save mankind from destruction. But today, every run-of-the-mill-street-side “astrologers” and “god-men” proclaim to be practitioners of tantra-shastra; proclaim that they can use this divine science to solve your petty day-to-day problems; and most dangerously, proclaim that it can be used to extract revenge, subdue others, control others etc.

Here, the question that would interest most people is “can tantra-shastra really be practiced by half-baked tantric professionals? does it work?” My answer: yes, it can be used and yes, it does work. Tantra-shastra is a science; once you learn the principles, anyone can use it. The karmic and earthly repercussions of such uses are a different discussion; but yes it can be used to wreck havoc in the lives of people.

Do I believe that black-magic really exists? Yes I do. Have I experienced black-magic at close quarters? Yes I have. Is it capable of wrecking havoc as it claims? Most certainly yes. Is God more powerful than black-magic? Definitely yes. An explanation will require that l dive again into my personal experiences (me, my 1st family, esp my sibling).  Maybe next time.

A special mention about Rahu and Ketu in astrology and horoscopes will have to be made when discussing black magic. In Vedas, snakes have often been interpreted to have a connection to black-magic. Rahu-ketu in a horoscope represent the proverbial head and tail of the celestial snake. Hence, when an astrologer is nagged with the doubt that the native of a horoscope maybe experiencing malefic effects of black magic, then he will study the placements of Rahu and Ketu of that horoscope in finer detail. Special scrutiny will be required if the native also happens to be born in the nakshatras of Ashlesha, Rohini and Mrigasira which – the 3 primary snake nakshtras in astrology.

The nakshatras of Ashlesha, Rohini, Mrigasira DO NOT indicate that black magic will touch the natives of the horoscopes – BUT in case of exceptional disturbances, beyond the scope of what may be indicated in a normal horoscope – the moon stars (star in which moon is placed at time of birth) of Ashlesha, Rohini, Mrigasira are more susceptible to be at the receiving end as compared to other nakshatras.

More on astrology’s snake nakshatras when I write about Sudarshan mantram; Rahu-ketu in horoscopes; and especially about Ashlesha nakshatra in Vedic Astrology.

I should know. I’m Ashlesha. My moon falls in the asterism of Ashlesha in the zodiac sign of Cancer (karka-raashi). More on this, maybe next time.

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One thought on “Apropos Earlier Narrative: Surya, Vishwakarma, Lord Vishnu, Sudarshan Chakra, Sudarshan Mantra

  1. energy is energy it cannot be classified as good or bad it is the hand which yields it decides to use it for base purposes or good magic is magic it becomes black in the hands of a wrong person mind you black magic does exist i myself have been a victim to it and it does not necessarily mean possession by ghosts or spirits it basicaly works on the human psychology and there are various ways in which it can work it can drstroy peoples lives i once told a friend of mine that if ihad to visit a cemetry alone at night i would be more comfortable going there with a bottlle of wine in my stomach rather than gods name on my lips or chanting a mantra or something like that

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