For The Love Of It

6/1/2012 1:15:54 PM

For the Love of It

It may sound clichéd, but God is Love. In the truest sense. The nameless, formless energy of God or God-force is Love. Love for the sake of love, not love because it is a means to an end.

 Every moment of God `connect’ happens in a moment of `love’. Test it for yourself. Anything that you may have asked `God’ out of a feeling of `love’ gets answered almost instantaneously – be it well-being of children, well-being of parents, a prayer for someone, a dance move, a music note, a touching write-up, anything. Everything else takes a bit of time. Even there, if the motive for asking something seemingly superficial lies in your need to provide something good to others – it gets answered quicker.

 In a moment of anxiety tinged with genuine `love’ for something or someone, `God’ answers our prayers. Truth is, through love, we are able to plug ourselves into the infinite God-energy which is also the energy of love, and once we are plugged in, everything seems possible, attainable.

 I have a family of squirrels that visit my balcony every day. They have a small area laid out for them – some water, a couple of small plates with food, snacks etc. The thing is, they bring me great joy and I’m indebted to them for it. Watching them brings me peace and de-stresses me. I love their innocence and I will them to come every day. I never try to tame them or assert my presence in anyway. They are creatures of the wild and I’m ok with that. But every day they come and go, I feel that I have to pay them back in some lifetime for the joy they bring with them.

 In contrast is a senior of my house who believes that it is earning me good karma; karmic brownie points so to say; to perhaps put some points into her own kitty, she competes to fill their plates – that is fair enough, to each his own; but what hurts me is when she insists on piling leftover crumbs into their plates. That for me is an insult. I just wish she would learn to appreciate doing something for the `love’ of it and not because it is going to `earn’ us something. Then maybe she would find the God `connect’ she searches for every day.

 Coming back to love – in my spiritual quest of God, God-force, God-connect etc. I have always seen that any practice or ritual, be it a mantra or a chant or a prayer or an act – when I attempt it for the love of it, it brings me instant results, except that I would not have been doing it for the result. When I use the word `result’ I’m referring to an `enlightenment’, an` empowerment’, or perhaps a `special power’ that others may have been working towards since a long time.

 I have always connected to God in a moment of love and not need; I have prayed to God across cultures and across religions, and I have had myriad experiences, all humbling and noteworthy.

 I have had numerous extra-sensory experiences – clairvoyance (seeing ghosts & entities beyond the vision of normal eye); clairaudience (hearing noises & voices beyond the range of normal ear); out-of-body experiences (both types – where the consciousness is with the soul that exits the body for a short duration & where the consciousness is with the body without the soul; the latter is scary, more like a completely paralysed experience); telepathy with my mom & earlier with few friends who swore by a telepathic connect – and perhaps so many other happenings where signs & symbols from the Universe arrive at a precise moment, as if the Universe is talking to you. The last was so common that I stopped making notes after a while.

Each time, an experience happened, I would probably have been in a spiritual quest for the love of it or consciously willed something for myself for the love of it. My connect with the Universe never happened when love was not the motive. The most beautiful line from Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist – when you truly desire something from inside, the Universe conspires to give it to you.

 We can `truly desire something from inside’ only when we desire something for the `love’ of it and not for any other reason. And then, there is no stopping the Universe.

 My personal symbolism for the squirrels in my home:-

 The first squirrel who strayed into my 7th floor balcony by mistake was a boisterous young boy. He arrived during the pooja time of my last Ganesh Chaturthi and so I called him Ganpat to give him a local flavor.

 Ganpat was fascinated by the jute foot-mat in my balcony and perhaps wanted it as a furnishing for his own home. He would diligently make a visit every day, undo the warp & weft with extreme skill, bite of strands of jute, roll them into a ball and run of with it. For the small fellow, it was tiring work and he would stop every 15 minutes for a breather. Even so, he would only be able to knock off small parts every day. That was when I started serving him muesli and oats; to boost his energy levels. It worked, his speed doubled and his breaks became more infrequent. The bugger knocked of my jute mat in 4 days flat.

 My boy then started straying into my balcony to look for food in his little plate. Then I experimented with various kinds of food – and he liked them all but he had a special taste for plain rice and idli. Ganpat is a messy eater; he demarcates his territory by leaving bits of food in different places. My boy then had visitors – small squirrel girls who would chase him around the balcony and try to share his plate of food. Ganpat was vicious and unwelcoming at first; but Cupid struck and he paired off with a young girl (a very neat and meticulous eater). Then followed weeks of wooing and happy amicable living; then there was a lull in the visits; something like just once every alternate day; then arrives Ganpat & family with 2 small baby squirrels. My grandsons – 2 small boy squirrels who turned out to be as boisterous as their dad, 2 little bullies; I christened them Angad & Bhim. After the initial parenting, Ganpat began to resent his offspring; after few fights, food timings became clearly demarcated. Every squirrel found its own time and space to come, eat, rest. Today, there is a much larger family that comes in at different times; I think he has further expanded his brood; this time it looks like a round of baby girls. I have now figured out that boys have broader faces & shorter broader tails; girls have longer faces & longer thinner tails. It has been an amazing insight into wildlife.

 But coming back to my symbolism:-

 Astrologers and men of God (many of whom my parents visited during a certain phase) always predicted a healthy lineage of sons and grandsons for me. This has nothing to do with a personal gender preference but more to do with specific predictions of specific people. Personally, boy or girl, I would have loved to have had a kid with attitude. Attitude marks an independent personality, and such kids will pave their own way in life.

 So, astrologers and spiritualists made predictions of sons & grandsons; predictions which matched my own knowledge of astrology; predictions which matched the self-analysis of my own chart; predictions which were supported by my better-half’s horoscope. So what wrong? Maybe I do know what went wrong, but that is not what I set out to write here.

 This is about symbolism. Events that are meant to happen, that are destined to happen – will happen. If you are vigilant and in sync with the Universe, then you can make them happen in the best possible manner; in the manner that was designed to be most happy and most easy for you. But for some reason, if you fail to see the signs, then you miss the bus; when you miss the bus that you are destined to board, then a lot of Universal activity gets thrown out of gear; because you missing the bus will have a chain effect on a series of events, and a series of lives – and this causes great disruption in the Universal plan…

 …For eg. when you miss your appointed bus, then you will have to board one of the next buses that arrive in order to move way forward in life. This bus will have people and opportunities that were not designed in tune with your karma; yet you board the bus; then you will be forced to realign your karma to match the opportunities and people on the bus. This results in the disruption of your karmic blueprint. Events destined to happen may not happen; events not destined for you may get edited into your blueprint. The destiny of your life gets edited; the destinies of other lives get edited; souls who are waiting to take birth have to reschedule their visits; life events have to be edited…

 … And all this happens with just 1 person missing an appointed bus for an appointed event. What would you say if I told you that according to spiritual statistics – most of us apparently miss most of our scheduled buses for most of our important events? Can you now imagine why the Universe is in such a perennial state of chaos, confusion, pandemonium and anger? Because none of us are in sync with the Universe; none of us are sticking to our original blueprint of this life’s birth; none of us are `reading the signs’ of the Universe.

 So, many times the Universe targets evolved soul, and attempts to correct their disturbed blueprint by `symbolically’ enacting for them an event that they missed. The `bus’ appears once again, not `really’ but `symbolically’ and this time when we recognize the signs and board the bus, the Universe `readjusts’ a huge volume of disruption and this leads to waves of peace & harmony in your personal blueprint and the Universe at large. It is like `every thing should go where it is meant to be’ and when that happens – the Universe heaves a sigh of relief. For every sigh of relief, peace & harmony is generated. It is very scientific. Any student of physics can tell you about energy waves, light waves, sound waves etc. Yes, it is science.

 So if astrologers predicted sons & grandsons for me; something which didn’t happen in `real’ life because somewhere I may have missed the bus; but it did happen `symbolically’ when this squirrel, `my little boy’ grew up and formed his own naughty little lineage. It’s all in the heart; if you connect, then you just connect; whether human or animal we are all soul fragments of God’s master soul. We are all connected at some level.

 Coming back to the Universe for a moment – the Universe experiences healing 2 times:- 1/when we are able to read the signs and board the bus designed for us; and 2/when soul unions happen – when souls from a cluster of souls (soul-mates) recognize others from their own group; and when 2 halves (twin-souls) find and recognize each other. Each time this happens, the Universe moves 1 step higher in vibrations and that generates energies of healing and love. So can we even imagine how happy the Universe would be if each of us yearned to find our missing half (yearning is the first step to finding); and if each of looked around to see if we can spot a soul-fellow from our original group?

 We just need to be in sync with the Universe. We have to learn to understand the sign-language of the Universe the way we understand small kids who can’t speak, dumb animals or silent nature. We have to teach our children to read the signs so they don’t miss any bus when it arrives.

 Listening to the Universe and talking back to it is the least we can do. Don’t do it for a reason. Just do it for the love of it.


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