Krishna Rahasyam (Spiritual Secrets): Radha-Krishna, Krishna’s 16’100 Girlfriends, Krishna’s Ashtabhaaryas (8 Wives), Kundalini-Shakti (The Caduceus)

The following is a compilation of tweets from my twitter a/c @onabrokenwing. The original twees have been penned in a series of 140 characters; but here it has been edited into longer sentences to make for more comfortable reading.

The Spiritual Secret of Radha And Krishna; Krishna’s 16’100 Girlfriends; Krishna’s Ashtabhaaryas (8 wives) – Part I

In the story of Radha and Krishna lies the very secret of soul evolution – a soul rising from its base level, and upward journey towards salvation.

Hindu calendar differs from English calendar w.r.t adjustment of months. Hindu calendar is designed acc. to lunar movement. Every 2.5yrs, an extra month surfaces in Hindu calendar. It’s known as “Adhik Maasam”; it’s dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

I have delved a lot into depths of Hindu religion; but so far, never into understanding the finer nuances of Vishnu, esp. Krishna. It’s quite a coincidence that a stray line of song from a dance class, led me to dig this deep into the essence of Radha & Krishna. Coincidentally too, it happened in the current running month of “Adhik Maasam”. I’ve been into nothing but Vishnu for more than 3wks.

Right now I feel like dog gone half-mad digging for 1 bone; because wherever he’s digging, he’s finding a bone. There’s very interesting piece that I dug out; it’s related to Krishna, but is much beyond religion. I have an urge to share it.

1/Krishna had 1 consort (Radha), 8 wives (Ashta-bhaarya’s) & 16’100 girlfriends.

2/Hidden in Krishna’s: Radha, 8 wives & 16’100 girlfriends is d’ secret of Soul’s evolution towards soul-mates, soul-twin & ultimately God.

3/Hidden in Krishna’s Radha, his 8 wives & his 16’100 girlfriends; lies the secret of India’s Tantra-Yoga, Kundalini-Shakti & Moksha.

This is beyond Hinduism; beyond religion; this is Universal Truth about soul-evolution. Please stay tuned. Beyond Hinduism, beyond religion, this is the Universal Truth about soul-evolution. Please interpret information from that perspective.

1/ (Hindu God) Lord Vishnu is depicted in supine pose; on a serpent; in the vast milky ocean (Kshirsaagar/MilkyWay); that holds our universe.

2/Lord Vishnu decides to incarnate on earth; he takes the form of Lord Krishna. There begins our Kundalini Yoga.

3/Lord Vishnu divides himself into the male & female energies of Krishna & Radha respectively. Lessons will come from Krishna.

4/In deep milky-way of our subtle body (human Aura) lies a serpent (Kundalini); in coiled form; is lifeless; it has to be infused with energy.

5/Energy that will awaken serpent (Kundalini) is Love; whenever we emanate Love; serpent awakens hazily & stretches itself.

6/The stronger the love-force, the more alert our serpent (Kundalini) becomes; lack of love makes it fall asleep again.

7/When the serpent (Kundalini) is awake & alert, it wishes to make a journey through the milky-way of our Auric body.

8/Milky-way of our Auric body will have 7 center-points in ascending order, known as Chakras; milky-way is inter-twined thru these Chakras.

9/Serpent energy (Kundalini) divides into 2 at our Base Chakra (1st & lowest); divided 2 will journey thru different halves to meet at top.

10/Krishna & Radha – 2 divided energies of serpent (Kundalini Shakti). The energy that activates this serpent is `Love’ (Krishna’s purpose).

11/Radha embodies softer, passive energies; Krishna d’ opposite; Radha journey to top is quicker; Krishna’s journey more arduous.

12/Halves of serpent energy (Kundalini), travel through 16’100 secondary channels; 8 main channels; 2 primary channels; then merge into 1.

13/ 16’100 secondary channels are easy traverse; but 8 primary channels are sticky; their aim is to hold down/block the serpent (Kundalini).

14/Each of the primary 8 channels wants to hold the serpent (Kundalini) in itself; these are places where Kundalini will get “stuck”.

It is important not to be confused by gender. Gender references are necessary to facilitate a story-format. If you are male – gender ref. stands; if you are female – change the gender of your consorts/partners accordingly. `Krishna’ is male half of your soul; `Radha’ is female half of your soul. They both exist `inside’ you. Since life-lessons will be taught by Krishna, not Radha; it is important to stay focused on the Krishna-aspect of serpentine energy.

Krishna had 16’100 girlfriends; 8 wives; and 1 twin consort. Krishna’s twin consort: Radha. Krishna’s 8-wives: Ashta-bhaarya’s. Krishna (Kundalini) dances through 16’100 girlfriends with ease; they don’t hold him back; but his 8 wives – well, that’s the story.

1/Each `wife’ depicts a specific love-energy that we can encounter in this world; often we may even be married/committed to 1 of 8.

2/Of Krishna’s 8 wives, 4 carry more importance than others, as they are stickier, trickier & more difficult to navigate.

3/Krishna & Radha will emerge as 2 twin DNA-like channels; after Krishna completes his successful journey thru 16’100 + 8 channels.

4/Halves of serpent energy Kundalini (Radha & Krishna), travel thru 16’100 secondary & 8 primary channels; 2 twin DNA-like channels; then merge into 1.

This is depicted in Gujarat’s favorite dance – Raas Leela – is Krishna’s journey. `Raas-Leela’ is a dance form, especially dedicated to Krishna. `Raas’ is `Rasa’ or essence. `Leela’ is playful/loving enactment. Radha & Krishna enact the `Raas-Leela’ for us, as a teaching. `Raas Leela’ comprises a formation of concentric circles with women in inner circle & men in outer circle, facing each other. Number of circular rings will depend on number of ppl participating in the dance; men & women move in opposite directions. With every conclusive dance beat, you change partners; so in effect, every man dances with every woman & vice-versa.

Krishna starts his dance (Raas Leela) at periphery of ring of circles; dancing skillfully, he works his way thru 16’100 Gopis (girls ) to reach the innermost circle of 8; here it becomes tricky & sticky; the girls are very watchful & don’t let him out of sight. Krishna can offend no-one; the lesson lies in Krishna’s cleverness; he has to please his inner-8, yet be alert enough to escape. Waiting in the centre is Radha; here they (Radha & Krishna) dance till dawn oblivious to all else; then suddenly they disappear. The sudden disappearance of Radha & Krishna from centre of circle is their `Union/Merger’ into ONE.

In world parlance:-

1/Kundalini Shakti (Soul Energy) is YOU yourself.

2/You (Kundalini Shakti/Soul Energy) have to successfully navigate 16’100 secondary & 8 primary channels before you reach your twin half.

3/Here, 16’100 secondary channels = 16’100 people who will make a significant difference to your life, over many lifetimes.

4/Here, 8 primary channels = 8 significantly strong love-energies that you will have to successfully navigate over lifetimes.

 5/You (Kundalini Shakti/Soul Energy) have to leave every channel `happy & satisfied’ before you can exit that channel (love-energy).

6/Number of lifetimes you take to navigate your 8 primary (depicted as sticky & tricky) channels, depends on your `awareness’.

7/Simply `being aware’ & `being able to recognize’ these 8 (esp. 4/8) means you have crashed through a huge barrier to enlightenment.

8/The real journey begins AFTER you meet your twin; many lifetimes with your twin will have to be dedicated to Earth-causes.

9/Once you have made significant difference to Mother Earth, along with your twin-soul, you can opt for MERGER.

10/Answer to recognizing & understanding your 8 primary channels – lies in understanding Lord Krishna’s 8 wives.

In world parlance:-

1/Krishna’s “Ashta-bhaaryas”, 8 wives, are many times depicted in Indian Classical dance, as “Ashta-naikas” (8 heroines) – 8 forms of love.

2/Amongst these primary 8 wives, energies of 4 are sticky & disruptive; energies of 4 are sticky but non-disruptive.

3/Disruptive energies are advised against by astrologers, as they are not conducive to the typical Indian large family set-up.

4/Disruptive energies are not very sharing; they want their Krishna all to themselves; non-disruptive energies are easier to navigate.

5/In higher stages of soul evolution, most definitely, almost all 8 energies would have come your way, and you would have picked 1.

6/Here, there’s nothing like `right choice’ or `wrong choice’. Every choice presents its challenges & takes you further in evolution.

7/It’s important to stay connected with every `energy’ that you recognize; if not as partner, then as friend, mentor, guide.

8/Sometimes, souls in higher stages of evolution may consciously shy away from a partner, if they sense their inability to navigate well.

9/But `shying away’ is not the answer, the answer lies in `going through’ with it. Sooner or later, it has to be done.

10/This explains India’s concept of `Gurus’/`Guides’. We may not have all information, but someone who has, can make our journey quicker.

11/Here again, it’s improper to advise people, who they should choose as partners; that should be free will.

12/The only advice that shld be given, is to list pros & cons of an `energy’ & allow ppl to make an informed choice. Here astrology helps.

13/Whatever choice a person makes, if they learn the `essence’ of an energy, they can navigate successfully without getting stuck.

Krishna’s twin-soul Radha is an amalgamation of the traits of all of Krishna’s 8 wives – but here, there is knowingness, understanding and awareness. Radha is not defined by the traits of 8-wives; she merely enacts them in Raas-Leela (her dance with Krishna) as a gentle reminder to mortal souls like us.

Objective is to teach the world various aspects of love; the ways in which love can bloom; & (as Krishna) how do you handle it, without killing it. In Krishna’s 8-wives, this experience is more detailed & is narrated from female-perspective; what `she’ (female half) feels about love.

The 8-wives of Krishna depict the 8 forms of love that you will come across in more advances stages of your human evolution. As you edge closer to your own `Radha/Krishna’, you will become `aware’ of the `types’ of love that have crossed/crossing your path. Invariably, they will be from amongst the 8 `types’ described as Krishna’s wives. Perhaps, one of them will be your closest partner.

The quickest form of soul-evolution would be, to `recognize correctly’ all 8 forms of love that may have crossed your path. To understand & accept every `type’ of love; and take them through their ups & downs of life as: mentor, counselor, friend, philosopher, guide.

Allow them to feel your presence in their life. By doing so, you help them deal with their difficult karma. The more skillfully you `dance through this situation’ (will be explained in Kundalini Yoga); closer you will move to your `Radha/Krishna’.

The Spiritual Secret of Radha And Krishna; Krishna’s 16’100 Girlfriends; Krishna’s Ashtabhaaryas (8 wives) – Part II

Krishna’s 8 wives:- Rukmini, Satyabhaama, Jaambavati, Kaalindi, Mitravrinda, Nagnajiti, Bhadraa & Lakshanaa. What are their specific energies?

1/Rukmini: She tries to `channelize’ Krishna by being his friend, philosopher, guide & peacemaker. She is simple, pretty, modest, good listener; respects all of Krishna’s alliances, partnerships & relationships. She enjoys playing role of counselor & peace-maker; Krishna uses her to counsel & maintain peace among his other wives. She is often depicted by Krishna’s side as his talking-companion; worshipped as main-consort in south-India. She is a highly recommended energy for worldly partnerships, as she offers most support to Krishna’s causes.

Affirmation of Rukmini’s love: “Love is Peace”.

2/Satyabhaama: She tries to `channelize’ Krishna with her tantrums; if he doesn’t accede, she will leave. She is proud, arrogant, domineering, self-centered, opinionated; with her, Krishna must play a supportive role. She believes she has done Krishna a favor by offering him marriage; wants Krishna at her beck & call at all times. Her energies can be navigated by mollifying her tantrums in playfulness, yet not succumbing to them. Her energies can be navigated with flattery, as her pride succumbs easily to this.

Affirmation of Satyabhaama’s love: “Love is Me”.

3/Jaambavati: She tries to `channelize’ Krishna with her beauty; believes beauty can reign in Krishna. She is vain, desires appreciation; confident about the power of her beauty; willing to share Krishna with others. She is exquisitely beautiful, well-groomed, well-adorned at all times; believes Krishna is attracted to her for her looks. She makes special effort to showcase her beauty so she appears cut-above-others at all times. Her energies can be navigated offering her appreciation she rightfully deserves; offer her limelight along with responsibility. Her energies can be navigated by gently highlighting her inner beauty & allowing that to over-shadow her outer beauty.

Affirmation of Jaambavati’s love: “Love is Beauty”.

4/Kaalindi: She tries to `channelize’ Krishna with her games, nets, traps, lures; uses forbidden-love & guilt as weapons. She is sister of Yamuna; uses her sibling’s proximity to Krishna, to gain entry into his life; she lays the trap; yet appears the victim. The excitement of `trapping’ Krishna into being with her, is higher than excitement of being with Krishna. She enjoys competition; creates competition; enjoys winning over competition; Krishna’s desirability with other women excites her. She enjoys catching Krishna with his guard down; lures Krishna into secret confessionals; feels empowered by others’ secrets. Her energies in worldly living may mean alienation from loved ones to accommodate her; Krishna may be forced to make a `choice’. Her energies can be navigated by not empowering her negatively; by not succumbing to guilt; by `playfully’ seeing thru her game. Her energies can be navigated by gently/lovingly holding your ground; Kaalindi will always need you more than you need her.

Affirmation of Kaalindi’s love: “Love is a Contest”.

5/Mitravrinda: She tries to `channelize’ Krishna with her amiable, amicable, friendly, mischievous nature. She rarely takes offence to anything Krishna says or does; works hard to manage & harmonize Krishna’s relationships. She is Krishna’s closest confidante; her advice is usually selfless; is a perfect hostess to Krishna’s social circle. She is closest confidante to Krishna’s wives also; they find her a safe haven to share their grievances. She is companionable, conversational & mischievous; usually lightens conflict with her naughtiness. Her energies can be navigated by offering her unconditional friendship; by giving her responsibility.

Affirmation of Mitravrinda’s love: “Love is Friendship”.

6/Nagnajiti: She tries to `channelize’ Krishna with her openness, her truths; her name itself means “blatant truth”. For her, love has to be an open book; diplomacy doesn’t cut ice with her; her conflicts center around Krishna’s cleverness. For her, whatever is open is truth; whatever is hidden is false; she bares her soul & dares you to do the same. Krishna usually uses her to convey hard truths to his other wives, while he himself stays in the background. She is very blunt in her expression; in worldly sense, it can create conflicts in social & family circles. Her energies can be navigated by not killing her true spirit; by appreciating her honesty; but at same time allowing her to see that truths which hurt people cannot help them much; channelize her truths into softer/gentler expressions. Her energies can be navigated by offering her a straight-forward & honest approach to love.

Affirmation of Nagnajiti’s love: “Love is Truth”

7/Bhadraa: She tries to `channelize’ Krishna by blending into him; she is happy to be what Krishna wants her to be. She chooses not to have a defined personality; she believes individuality = division from Krishna. She is gentle, subservient, unassuming, selfless; she places herself last in priority; she believes this is love. Hers is a motherly, nurturing, nourishing, forgiving; she serves not only Krishna but all of Krishna’s relationships dutifully. In a worldly sense, it is very easy to take advantage of Bhadraa’s goodness; she’s usually the cornerstone that goes unnoticed. Her energies must be navigated with care & sensitivity; as her Krishna, it’s important to ensure she gets her due. Her energies can be navigated by encouraging her to stand-up-for-herself; by encouraging self-development thru interests & hobbies.

Affirmation of Bhadraa’s love: “Love is Submission”.

8/Lakshanaa: She tries to `channelize’ Krishna with a focused approach; with her love is like a game of Chess; move-countermove. She is focused; goal-oriented; plans & rehearses all her moves; will always have “Plan-B” in place. According to her, she has to checkmate Krishna & win her rightful crown; other wives are opposing pawns. She is characterized by a strategic, methodical mind; extremely logical; every action needs to have a purpose. In a worldly sense, Lakshanaa will be less of disruptive & more of uninteresting; her predictability overtakes her creativity. She can be an extremely efficient partner; but her compulsive behavior can kill the charm. Her energies can be navigated by giving her responsibility; by encouraging creativity & spontaneity. Her energies can be navigated by gently showing her fun side of failures, inefficiencies & mistakes; by loosening her up.

Affirmation of Lakshanaa’s love: “Love is a Goal”.

9/Krishna’s Radha: Radha is an amalgamation/a merger of all 8 wives. From that confluence, from that merger, emerges her own unique affirmation of love. In Radha, Krishna can navigate all 8 forms of love with ease & expertise; he knows every high, low, bend, curve, fall & illusion.

Affirmation of Radha’s love: “Love is Krishna”.

The Spiritual Secret of Radha And Krishna; Krishna’s 16’100 Girlfriends; Krishna’s Ashtabhaaryas (8 wives) – Part III – Interpretation of Kundalini Shakti

1/Go to Google Images. Search for “Caduceus” (inter-twined snakes on a sword); this is the symbolic image of Krishna and Radha.

2/In the image you will see 2 serpents (Krishna-Radha), stretching themselves in DNA spiral, rising from bottom to top. These are the Ida-Pingala channels of Kundalini Shakti.

3/Go to Google Images again. Search for “Caduceus Kundalini Awakening”. Now study the “Chakras” of Auric-body super-imposed on Caduceus (inter-twined snakes on a sword).

4/When Kundalini-Shakti splits into 2, both halves have to traverse thru 7 Chakras, while simultaneously navigating 16’108 channels.

6/Krishna-Radha will meet, after long wayward journeys, just before Crown-Chakra; then they drop down in unification back into Base-Chakra.

7/The `drop’ from `pre-Crown-Chakra’ to `Base-Chakra’, happens via the `Sword’ that is pierced thru centre-points of all 7 Chakras.

8/Sword = Sushumna-channel. When energies enter the Sushumna-channel, its cleansing process begins. Progressive Cleansing = Progressive Enlightenment.

9/From the Base Chakra, they rise again in unification (in a DNA spiral), moving slowly upwards. This journey is a representation of “twin-souls-together-journeys” on Earth.

10/Till the Sushumna-channel is totally cleansed & totally enlightened, Ida and Pingala will continue their “rise & drop”.

11/It is during these numerous journeys, that Ida and Pingala will make a significant difference and contribution to the Mother Earth.

12/At some point, they will finally make it to the Crown-Chakra. The time frame is free-will, but whenever they do = Moksh. Oneness with God.

13/That is the story of every soul & every soul-half. This is why Sages/Rishis/Gurus frown upon self-awakening of Kundalini-Shakti.

14/This journey can be done totally inwards (yogic/transcendental meditation) or by simply living in the world, in awareness.

15/Either way, guidance becomes important. God forbid, should energy get stuck in a channel, it can stay there for a really long time.

In world parlance:-

1/Remember you’ll be moving from love-energies in reverse order, as in, channels 8 through 1.

2/Amongst lower 4 channels, Mitravrinda (channel 5) is toughest to navigate. Channels 8,7,6 are relatively easier to navigate.

3/Mitravrinda is so amiable, so companionable, so pleasant, so fits into your social setup; that you won’t wish to leave her.

4/Chances are you will choose to navigate Mitravrinda’s channel over & over again; she has that effect.

5/When you do choose to move beyond Mitravrinda, you’ll enter lowest of upper channels – Kaalindi (channel 4).

6/Amongst upper 4 channels, Kaalindi (channel 4) is toughest to navigate. Channels 3,2,1 are relatively easier.

7/Kaalindi holds you back with her traps; you may find yourself navigating her channel several times over, out of guilt or fear.

8/It’s not easy to leave Kaalindi; she has her own charm; sometimes staying put in her channel makes worldly life lot easier.

9/When you do choose to move beyond Kaalindi (channel 4), you’ll find Jaambavati, Satyabhaama, Rukmini (3,2,1) will be fairly easy to navigate.

10/Once you reach Rukmini, and she emerges as your main consort/partner, you know you’ve reached a comfort zone in evolution.

11/In higher stages of soul evolution, energies 5,6,7,8 may come back as your siblings, friends, loved ones.

12/Energies you have navigated well in past lives will return back to you in purest platonic love.

13/It explains why Indian gurus/astrologers frown on disruptive love-energies / love-partnerships, that disturb existing family relationships.

14/Blocking an already well-navigated channel (eg. family / parents / siblings) will mean coming back in another lifetime and  making another herculean effort to re-navigate it.

15/Journey becomes faster under expert guidance, or if you’re lucky to identify your Radha/Krishna; then purpose becomes evident.

16/Twin souls may not identify each other at same time; the wiser soul with longer, harder Earth journey will realize it first.

17/The 2nd soul will realize automatically at appropriate time. Patience, faith and perseverance is the key to soul evolution.

That’s it. I’m done with this volcanic eruption of information that I analyzed & interpreted with a compulsive obsession. I’ve spent every waking moment this month (Adhik maasam 2012), on Krishna & more Krishna. Let’s hope He recognizes my patience, efforts, diligence.



19 thoughts on “Krishna Rahasyam (Spiritual Secrets): Radha-Krishna, Krishna’s 16’100 Girlfriends, Krishna’s Ashtabhaaryas (8 Wives), Kundalini-Shakti (The Caduceus)

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    • That’s a difficult question. Anyone who you look up to & feel you can receive something from them is a good guru. In my case, the immense amount of information that was available to me, has taught me. Interpretation many times is instinctive. We read so many interpretations of others & we feel we have a different perspective which we can add to it. And in a way, it enriches the whole meaning. I have seen that more the knowledge I give away, more of it becomes available to me.

  2. Thank you, for taking the time to answer….it is a very intriguing subject and often very conflicting views and the not-so-true ones or superficial information makes it difficult to understand/ trust…your article is interesting, i grew up hearing krishna’s stories and seeing my elders worship with devotion which has always kept my heart open to think there must be value in what they did, it gives some meaning for a lot of stories which sound very impractical in context of modern life….i hope more can be made available to bridge the two worlds!

  3. Thank YOU for this. You have NO idea how much it’s helped me. Everything you’ve said makes complete sense on an intuitive level. Incredible stuff. I’d like to write more but my brain has been overloaded with so much info, so much KNOWING… over the last few weeks… I doubt I shall make much sense.

    Onwards and upwards… Peace :-))

  4. I came to know the true meaning of the life. Already Krishna has shown us how to live a human life. Really your information is an eye opening to all..

  5. Beautiful interpretation of the life of shri krishna in terms of our ‘own’ soul evolution.
    Indian scholars and ancient books have long teached us about the evolution of our soul/s
    But this incarnation of god himself, to inact the whole process of soul evolution by its own life process/events, is extraordinary way of teaching.
    This is the actual depiction how a god would/should try to teach us the ‘way’ a soul should follow the path of ultimate freedom and unification with nature itself.
    I wonder, if the scriptures and all the teachings came first or did the life of God itself gave birth to such kind of intellect, may be god could see that we the human beings cant understand the teachings in the books so he incarniated himself to make us understand.
    We are so deep in in worldly chaos that we cant see, we are not comprehending the true message, or shall I say god knew we cant understand so here i understand is that may be there are 2 types of teachings in god’s life –
    First message is for worldy purpose, to see and inact in the same way Krishna led his life,to set an example, to lead one’s life in this world.
    Second message is I think more eternal, for those who want freedom from these rebirths, consciously leading our way to complete freedom of our soul/s not to be apart from our Karma, still, living and doing our duties, responsibilities concerned with a human life.

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