Dr. Brian Weiss – Psychiatrist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Writer And Author of Soul-Stirring, Life-Changing Books On Karma And Reincarnation

Dr. Brian Weiss – Psychiatrist, Past Life Regression Therapist – And Author of Soul-Stirring, Life-Changing Books On Karma And Reincarnation.

I have always found writers of non-Indian origin explaining Indian concepts of philosophy with amazing simplicity and lucidity.

Intricate Indian subjects like yoga, astrology & Hindu religious texts have seeped into my mind better thanks to foreign interpretations.

Dr. Brian Weiss. His explanation of karma and reincarnation is best suited for an easy common-man understanding.

At the cost of sounding judgmental, I must say that new age Gurus like Dr. Deepak Chopra tend to complicate things beyond simplicity.

Whereas the likes of Dr. Chopra tend towards monumental language & complicated philosophies reminiscent of God-gurus, Dr. Weiss simply talks to you.

What also attracts me to Dr. Brian Weiss is Lord Krishna’s Bhagvat-Gita philosophy that shines through his talks on karma & reincarnation.

Dr. Brian Weiss on Karma & Reincarnation:

Dr. Brian Weiss, a psychologist & regression therapist, dwelled deeper into existence of past lives when he accidentally regressed a patient 1000 years into another life.

Dr. Brian Weiss documented his experiments and research in karma & reincarnation, in his best-selling & life-changing books.

Dr. Brian Weiss, author of: Many Lives Many Masters, Same Soul Many Bodies, Through Time Into Healing, Only Love Is Real & his latest, Miracles Happen.

Dr. Brian Weiss on karma & reincarnation: quoted from his recent interview to Times of India & from all his books.

  • Everyday miracles happen in people’s lives, which they fail to recognize.
  • Our rational mind often attempts to minimize or negate mystical encounters.
  • We forget the power of our own experiences; we need to embrace the reality of an event which is a miracle.
  • Power of past life memories can transform people’s lives.
  • Greeks and Indians have always believed in the theory of reincarnation.
  • I firmly believe Karma is not punishment but an opportunity to learn our lessons.
  • If lessons have not been learnt in a previous lifetime, we come back to work on them.
  • Lessons will always be about Love, Compassion, Non-violence, Non-prejudice, Patience, Understanding.
  • When lessons and learnings are complete, there will be no reincarnation.
  • We are not born with memory of past lives because conscious negative memories will prevent us from conscious positive action.
  • It becomes important to regress into past lives when our conscious mind is incapable to overcome negative blocks of sub-conscious memories.
  • Even in the absence of regression therapy, there are other tools and techniques like hypnosis, dreams and meditation that can take you back into your sub-conscious past.
  • Every individual soul will choose significant people to that lifetime.
  • Destiny will place you in a particular circumstance, which will dictate your encounter with a particular person at appointed time & place. This will happen with every person you have chosen to bring into this lifetime.
  • Destiny will arrange you to meet more frequently the people you have loved and lived with, in past lives.
  • Once destiny fulfills its promised appointment, your free-will is activated. Do you stay? Do you leave? Do you love? Do you hate? Do you accept? Do you reject? Do you resolve? Do you postpone?
  • Once destiny steps back, the choices are yours and that is how you learn, that is your growth.
  • Everything is part of the Master Plan. We are here to learn deep lessons.
  • The biggest block that stops us from living our life in the present moment is fear. We must learn to overcome fear.
  • Understanding dissolves fear. We are spiritual beings in human bodies, not human beings in spiritual bodies.
  • The spirit is always spiritual. The body is human.
  • It is evident when miracles occur. Inevitably we always recognize them but many times we choose not to acknowledge them.
  • Not acknowledging miracles is moving away from our spiritual selves. Miracles are energy that manifest at our deepest physical, emotional level.
  • We can always pray and ask for divine intervention. The more we become aware of this intervention, the more evident are miracles become.
  • The human body is a vessel for the soul. We each life we complete some part of the whole learning process.
  • Human beings are essentially immortal. This understanding will allow you to live in present moment without regrets from past or worries of future.
  • It’s important to remember and remind yourself of unfulfilled goals from past lives. This is where regression into past lives helps.
  • Eventually, you must get past all past obstacles in your present life. That’s the objective.
  • We are souls, not just bodies. We are constantly reuniting with our loved ones, either on the other side or back here in physical form.
  • When we are not disturbed by the judgments and criticisms of others, we have reached a higher level of wisdom.
  • People with problems and fears must learn meditation and practice it regularly. Insights will come to you. Persist, for this is a practice for a lifetime.

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