Plurality Of Hindu Gods – Why? How Do We Make A Choice Of That 1 Favorite Deity Which Hinduism Terms “Ishta Dev” (Chosen One/God)?

My mom called me yesterday on Dhanteras (11/11/2012) to shower her usual blessings; while she was at it, she wanted me to do something.

Mom wanted me to form a practice of saying the Gopal Sahasranaam (1000 names of Krishna) everyday; starting yesterday.

One of my firmest childhood pillars in life has been religion & spirituality; a gift from my Mom who took great pains to imbibe it in us.

One of my recurrent questions to Mom over the years was – why are there so many Hindu Gods & Goddesses, if God is one?

Another one of my recurrent questions – Which God do we choose from our Hindu pantheon of 1000 odd Gods & Goddesses?

Plurality of Hindu Gods – Why? How do we make a choice of that 1 favorite deity which Hinduism terms “Ishta Dev” (chosen one)?

Mom said we can only believe in a Higher Force, if we believe that, that Higher Force understands & accepts us for who we are.

For that, it’s important to have synchronicity of temperament between Gods & followers. I cannot believe in a sagely God, if I have violence within.

Hinduism offers Gods & Goddesses of all forms, sizes and temperament; we choose what appeals to us; once we do, we follow with blind faith.

In the end, every God & Goddess in the Hindu pantheon is about Good over Evil; so whichever route we take, we reach the same destination.

Also, in Hinduism; whether you are Good or Bad, Divine or Evil, the religion won’t alienate you form God-Force. Pick your favorite God & He’ll tide you through your demons.

Coming back to my mom’s advice to read the Gopal-Sahasranaam everyday; it surprised me for a reason.

From childhood, I have had an unshakeable preference for the form and rituals of Hindu Goddess Mahakaali – fierce, fearful, feared, angry, dark, rustic, uncontained energy.

I just went with my heart and picked my choice amongst Gods; from then on, mom ensured that every available information & literature was passed onto me.

I have had the most divine and most mysterious supernatural experiences during the course of my worship of Mahakaali.

From clairvoyance to clairaudience to premonitions to visions to dreams – you name it, I have had them all.

I asked my mom yesterday, what prompted her to make a choice for me. Mom said – because you have changed; there’s a lot of peace & patience in you now; there’s acceptance & empathy; you now need a different God.

I guess that’s what Hinduism is all about – choices & free will; a thousand roads, same destination; you can take the dangerous mountain route; you can traverse via valleys and cliffs; you can take the deep sea voyage; you can bike it down country roads; or take the simple garden route to God Almighty. Choose your travel according to your personality – but travel you must; that’s what is important. Any road you take, as long as you a take a step closer towards God-Force, your are on the right path.

So did I start Gopal-Sahasranaam as advised by my mom? Certainly. Saying No to mom is never an option; not because of compulsion or respect, but by free will & choice.

While in conversation with a friend on 13th Oct sometime, I gained a strange insight, a strange enlightenment that came to me in pictures – a recapitulation of sorts that kept running in front of my eyes. It took a great deal of control not to show that I was in a midst of mild vision of sorts.

A series of questions, and answers which fell into place like magical clockwork – and each time, in a way I cannot explain, Lord Krishna held centre-stage.

No, there was no physical manifestation, neither any pictoral projection; it was more like a reel of images & sequence of events past that played in the mind – but in perfect harmony, like a well-edited movie with no missing links.

I was taken for bit of a ride, though. What I thought was a free-wheeling cruise was a pre-orchestrated safari (engineered by human intelligence, aided by divine intervention). But it didn’t matter. It’s the same ride I would have wished for.

So, I think my mom has telepathy. Or better still – I think all moms do. Mothers & children – the only unbreakable bond on this earth.


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