Lies: Are The Virus Of This World – A Philosophy By Kiran Shriyan

Lies: Are The Virus Of This World – A Philosophy By Kiran Shriyan

Kiran & I go back many long years. We connect on a very high octave of the mental plane. Junior to me by a decade odd years, I find Kiran to be an old soul in a young body. With a reasonably ok formal education added to deeply overwhelming world experiences, Kiran exhibits an inner knowledge that is far beyond what he may have learnt in this lifetime.

A dancer par excellence, a keen connoisseur of music & fine arts, a writer, a poet, a shrewd businessman, a movie maker, a life-coach, a man with a photographic memory, a man who believes he can change the world & my dearest friend – that’s Kiran Shriyan for you. In fact, Kiran believes anyone can change the world – IF they believe in it.

My conversations with Kiran are always spaced out; but whenever they do happen, a new life philosophy enfolds, and it touches me in some way.

It usually happens that whenever I talk to Kiran, there is no `refresh’ button that is pressed. We pick up our conversations from the exact point where we would have last left off, even if that was a year back. For eg. he might ask: “so what happened to that?” and I will know what he is referring to; or I may ask: “so are your plans falling in place?” and he will know which plan exactly I am referring to.

The last time I spoke to him few odd weeks back, I asked him: “how is it we seem to know the context of what we are talking even if we don’t elaborate it?” The answer to this set off the philosophy. The narrative is in 1st person because it is easier to write that way; but the thoughts and philosophy in this write are credits to Kiran.

Trust & Fear; Truth & Lies

When we are more or less tuned in to someone, we can often make out the context in which they are speaking or asking, without any elaboration. But often, we refuse to acknowledge it; we demand/request an overt explanation from the person we’re talking to, because we are afraid that we may make a mistake and disclose something else.

So what we are experiencing is more of fear & less of trust with the person we are talking to. Trust brings fearlessness; fear brings lies. Lies are born from fear. Hypothetically, if this world was totally rid of fear, then there would be no lies.

Trust comes from a belief that nothing can challenge my free will & I alone am in control of my life & destiny. Fear comes from a belief that any and everyone can shatter my peaceful existence on this earth. Trust comes from courage, fear from lack of it.

Kiran then took me back to a discussion about the Vedic times. He says, that often in his life-coaching sessions, he quotes from the Vedas, and people often ask him: But aren’t our epics a mere imagination of few writers? Aren’t our epics merely stories that became bestsellers? How do we know that what is written in the Vedas is truth, and not a mere figment of someone’s imagination? And the following is what he answers in reply:-

Truth is what our Holy Scriptures are all about

Our Vedas are approximately 10’000 years old. They go back to the time when our world self-destroyed & re-created itself. This moment is documented not just in Hinduism but in Holy Scriptures of all religions. There is much Biblical evidence in Genesis 1:1 & 1:2 that reveals, that a catastrophe occurred in the world that destroyed everything, and the world then recreated itself.

10’000 years – is a truncated, edited calculation. The Vedas go back to a multitude of destructions & recreations of the universe; we are merely referring to the last one here.

So, roughly 10’000 years back – no Lies existed in the world. Whatever was there, whatever was spoken was the Truth – and hence it was referred to as Word of God. God is merely a synonym for `Truth’, ultimate Truth. Men who stood up for Truth and propagated it were called Men-of-God. So 10’000 years back, around the time our Scriptures were written – if our Holy Texts proclaimed something, documented something with evidence; then we have to believe it – because there were no Lies then.

So when & how did Lies seep in?

Kiran believes that we are all part of a giant computer program engineered by God for His entertainment.

(A modern day parlance of our very own Bhagavad Gita of Lord Krishna, where Krishna explains to Arjun that we are all merely part of a Great Illusion (Maya), that He created, and that which He destroys at will. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna urges Arjuna to stand up for Truth at all times. he also tells Arjuna “I am where Truth is”.)

Like any computer program, however flawlessly designed, Kiran believes that a virus always manages to seep in. So is the case with this super program that we are all part of. The virus in our super program is Lies. The virus seeped in sometime after Satya-Yug; and periodically anti-virus programs in the form of men-of-God were loaded into our system to weed out the virus of Lies. Many times we succeeded, many times we failed. And as we proceeded to different eras, we carried the virus of Lies with us – progressively more dangerous, and progressively corrupting more files in our sytem.

As we stand here today, in our present world – this virus of Lies threatens a total system crash. We are perhaps in the very last leg where we can control this virus. If we fail to do so, what we may leave behind for our children is another Doomsday, and our entire program will have to be reset and reloaded. That would be sad, because we would lose all the data in our super computer that we have so meticulously saved for future generations.

Look at the world around us…

Look at the world around us, says Kiran. Look at everything that is going wrong in this world today – declining societal values, poverty, destitution, corruption, hunger, relationship issue, anything  – and get to the root of it – you will find that the situation arose from a bunch of Lies infused by somebody. Remove Lies, and you will have the solution to practically every problem in the world. Even the disturbances in your mind and body arise, because your system is unable synchronize your Truth and your Lies, within.

All of us have a choice – do we wish to align ourselves with the Anti-virus programmers of this world & give our best shot to weeding our super program of its virus? Or do we wish to align ourselves with Virus-mongers of this world mercilessly hacking away the system till it crashes? – Your choice, your decision.

If we go with the former, then we need to start with ourselves; we need to start from within. What are my Truths? What are my Lies? It begins there.


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