On Aging

On Aging

Someone who turned 40 recently said to me – God, I’m aging. So this is how it feels to be old.

Hearing that took my mind to a friend of mine, of roughly the same age. She’s on the threshold of a very fresh arena of life – looking forward to marriage, motherhood, marital bliss, parenting, planning her children’s future, taking holidays with family, and so on. Talking to her you’ll see that she feels young, youthful, vibrant and motivated.

What could be the difference in the state of mind of two 40yr olds? Experience I guess. Age is neither biological nor chronological. Age is the sum total of your experiences in life. If you have seen more, been there, done that – you’re older. If you’ve sampled nothing much from Life’s vast, exotic menu – then you’re younger.

It’s the soul that ages, not the body. Perhaps that’s why we often use the term he/she is an `old soul’. The older the soul, the closer is its journey to Truth & Light. The younger the soul, the longer the journey.

When a soul has had enough experiences in a lifetime that has allowed it to `grow’ spiritually; it senses it is `older’ and also perhaps a bit tired. And when such a soul reaches a spot where it can rest a bit – it feels relieved, rejuvenated and grateful. It understands that it has completed a significant chapter in its journey. It has earned that spot. That is when we feel confident to say – we’re older; so this is how it feels to be older.

The younger soul has yet to cover those many long miles; and the hurdles across those miles. It needs to have those rose-tinted glasses to take it through; it needs to feel young to undertake that journey.

So next time someone says old – be aware that they may not be referring to biological age or a number. It may simply mean they have achieved a new milestone in experience.



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