Scientific & Spiritual Significance Of Holy Waters During Kumbh Mela. Allahabad 2013. After 144 Years. On My Wish List.

Scientific & Spiritual Significance Of Holy Waters During Kumbh Mela. Allahabad 2013. After 144 Years. On My Wish List.

  1. Gods & Demons engaged in a tussle for the proverbial pot of Nectar. The mythological Samudra Manthan or The Great Churning. The churning that separated Good from Bad; the Poison from the Nectar.
  2. For 12 days in the time of Gods & Demons – and for 12 years in human time – this tussle ensued. In this tussle – 4 precious drops of Nectar spilled onto Mother Earth at the Holy spots of Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain & Nashik. The drops of Nectar merged into the Holy Waters of Triveni Sangam (confluence of Ganga, Jamuna, Saraswati) at Allahabad; Holy Ganges (Ganga) at Haridwar; River Shipra in Ujjain & River Godavari in Nashik.
  3. The ethereal subtle drops merged into these Holy waters at an auspicious astrological time in Heavens, highlighted by planets Sun, Moon & Jupiter. 
  4. Once in every 12 years, the same astrological configuration falls into place. It is a planetary conjugation in space – a conjugation similar to the placement of planets during the period of The Great Churning (Samudra Manthan).

What Happens to These Holy Waters During Kumbh Mela?

  1. This conjugation triggers the bubbling of all Holy Waters into which drops of Nectar (Amrit) fell.
  2. At Allahabad, the invisible Saraswati that flows beneath the surface of Mother Earth, starts spurting Cosmic Energy. This Energy flows & merges into the point of Confluence where it meets Ganga & Yamuna at the point of Triveni Sangam.
  3. At Haridwar, this Cosmic Energy starts spurting in the Ganga, deep within the waters, at the point of Har-ki-Pauri. At Ujjain, this Energy flow happens in the centre-point of River Shipra that flows adjoining to the Mighty Mahakaaleshwar temple.
  4.  And at Nasik, this Cosmic Energy starts bubbling deep down in the River Godavari, at the point that flows adjoining to the Holy Triyambakeshwar temple.
  5. Water being the fastest and quickest element to be energized, this Cosmic Energy spreads in these Holy Waters to a radius of 45kms. Within this orbit of these 45kms of the invisible bubbling source of the highest Cosmic Energy – lies the secret to human redemption, salvation & immortality. That’s the secret of Kumbh Mela.
  6. Nectar keeps on spurting into these Holy Waters for the entire period/duration of the Kumbh Mela. When we take a dip in these Holy Waters, during that time, the subtle energy points in our human aura and our physical human body, absorb these Cosmic Energies fully. These Energies effect a change in the mind, body & spirit – and thereby they automatically affect our destinies for the better.
  7.  These Energies also create a direct Cosmic Link to Heavens, where you will receive subtle help to absolve you of past misdeeds (sins); cleanse your mind for new, fresh beginnings; and allow you a clean slate to pen a better tomorrow.
  8. The auric absorption of these Energies is so high that, that the subtle link it creates into Heavens above extends straight upto our Ancestors in the Ethers. It’s like a Cosmic Ladder.
  9. And when the Energies of our aura, tinged with the Energies of this Nectar from the Holy Waters of Kumbh Mela, touch our Ancestors – their destinies too are changed, for the better, in the Akashic Records (Cosmic Past Files).
  10. This Cosmic Ladder Link can touch upto the 88th generation of Ancestors in the past – and purge & absolve them too (your ancestors) of their “earthly” sins during their time on Earth. 88 generations into the past is like going back in time; almost to the point of creation. Can you even begin to imagine the blessings that will rain upon you from your Ancestors, from Heavens above?
  11. The Poorna-Kumbh cycle of 12 years corresponds to the approximate 11.1 years of the Sun-Spot cycle. The Sun-Spot cycle is known to enhance the electro-magnetic field of the earth – which in turn effects the environment & the bio system. The electro-magnetic field of the body is similarly enhanced, thereby affecting the nervous, endocrine, circulatory & respiratory system – in a manner that is similar to meditation.

Ardh-Kumbh, Poorna-Kumbh, Maha-Kumbh

  • Ardh-Kumbh (Half-cycle): happens once in every 6 years in rotation at Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain, Nasik.
  • Poorna-Kumbh (Full-cycle): happens once in every 12 years in rotation at Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain, Nasik.
  • Maha-Kumbh (The Great-cycle): happens once in every 144 years only at Allahabad (Prayag).

Maha-Kumbh 2013 – At Allahabad (Prayag) – After 144 Years

  • In 2013, Maha-Kumbh (the Great-cycle) of 144 years surfaces at Allahabad (Prayag) from January 27th 2013 to 25th February 2013. These are the main dates. The dates are usually extended 15 days prior & later to this period to allow full participation in this festival – but main dates remain Jan 27 to Feb 25 2013.
  • During this period of Kumbh Festival, every date is auspicious; but of special significance are some dates, where the Cosmic Energy spurts highest, like a fountain in full show. These dates are referred to as “Snaan-Tithi” (Bathing-dates).
  • In 2013, at Allahabad Prayag, these special days are: Paush Poornima Jan 27th, Ekadashi Snaan Feb 6th, Mauni Amavasya Feb 10th, Basant Panchami Feb 15th, Rath Saptami Feb 17th, Bheeshma Ekadashi Feb 18th, Magh Poornima Feb 25th.
  • Maha-Kumbh Prayag 2013: Estimated 70 million people.
  • Maha-Kumbh Prayag 2013: Unbelievable confluence of spiritual energies of all of Sadhus; especially the Invisible Siddhas & Nagas who make a rare appearance.
  • Maha-Kumbh Prayag 2013: For Self; for our Ancestors.
  • Maha-Kumbh Prayag 2013: Now or never. Once in 144 years is an average that comes once in 2 generations.
  • Maha-Kumbh Prayag 2013: On my wish list.

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