Crow Facts

Crow Facts

Here is some Hindu mythology & some Wildlife facts about Crows:-

  1. Hindu mythology: Crows can see with only one eye. It is legacy of a curse imposed on Kaakasura – the crow demon.
  2. Wildlife fact: Crows have divided vision. Each eye can see separately, individual of the other eye.
  3. Wildlife fact: Crows’ eyes can see & process 2 separate unrelated pictures, seen simultaneously by R & L eye.
  4. So technically, Crows can see an entire picture with just 1 eye.
  5. Hindu mythology: Crows have significance in Hindu death rituals. It is said that a soul partakes offerings via the body of a Crow.
  6. Wildlife fact: Crows have fantastic memory for recognition of human faces. Also they can remember the emotions associated.
  7. So technically, temporary entry of a soul into the body of a Crow, can allow it to recognize old faces & the emotions associated.
  8. With this recognition, a soul in the body of a Crow, chooses either to partake or not to partake, offerings of a death ritual.
  9. Wildlife fact: A human may not distinguish between a group of Crows but every Crows is memorizing the face of the “weird human” staring at them!
  10. Wildlife fact: Crows can hold grudges for a lifetime; they can remember kindness too. So think twice before you shoo 1 away.
  11. Wildlife fact: Crows are known to communicate grudges to their offspring & their community. So a group of Crows can form “collective grudges”.
  12. Wildlife fact: A group of Crows is called a “Murder”. Name evolved from their ability to collectively dive-bomb, caw & harass a human/animal/bird.
  13. Wildlife fact: Crows not only have a communication language but also regional dialects. Crows constantly communicate their observations to each other.
  14. Hindu mythology: Ancient Hindu sages have documented “Kaaka-Bhasha” – language of Crows. It is used in “Sanket-Shastra” – science of signs. By decoding Crow-language, Sages had an access to continuous information.
  15. Hindu mythology: Crows were associated with war & death.
  16. Wildlife fact: Crows are attracted to shiny objects.
  17. So technically, in olden days, Crows flew straight towards marching armies wielding shiny ammunition. War meant death, hence the association.
  18. Wildlife fact: A crow can determine the shortest, straightest line of flight between 2 points sans obstacles. Origin of the phrase “As the Crow flies”. (Shortest, straightest distance between 2 points.)

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