For A Friend

Kanya lagna. Tula raashi. Swati nakshatram. Manglik in 1st house. Rahu & Saturn in 7th. Hmm.

That was the story all along. Hope all is right with your world now. Glad to have been of help. You could have simply asked.

It is sad the circle could not be drawn to perfection. If it had been, it could have brought a sea-change for the better, in energies.

Mars turns benign because of its conjunction with benevolent Jupiter in 1st house. Rahu & Saturn exert their malefic influence in cyclical phases in 7th house.

Redeeming factor is that they are conjunct in house of Jupiter – Pisces (Meen raashi). Strengthening energies of Jupiter is the key.

Jupiter rules Father. Father’s blessings from Earth, or from beyond, is extremely essential to tide through this vibration.

Everything related to / connected to Father must be worshipped & respected with reverence. Same goes for paternal relatives & ancestors.

If that balance gets tilted, then blessings won’t be forthcoming & energies of Rahu & Saturn will strengthen in horoscope.

Another planet that can weaken this vibration of Rahu & Saturn in Meen raashi – is Venus, placed in Dhanur raashi – also ruled by Jupiter.

Venus is in 4th house. 4th house rules Mother. The energies of Mother can also negate this vibration of Rahu & Saturn.

So basically, the combined energies of Father & Mother can over-power this combination of Rahu & Saturn in 7th house.

Rahu & Saturn do not radiate energy like benign planets – Jupiter, Venus, Sun & Moon. They are inward planets that suck in energy.

So keeping them in check is important to prevent them, from sucking in energy from all across the horoscope, which will then weaken other houses.

Wearning a large Pokhraj (Yellow Sapphire) on index finger of right hand will greatly help. And of course, prayers to the 1 & only Shiva.

May The Force be with you.


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