Edit – 2013

Edit – 2013

  • My Edit posts are basically to add in vital bits of information that may have slipped from my mind at a certain time. As also, to add on few unrelated thoughts that may not qualify for a full post.

Since Twitter & Blog are essentially my twilight diaries – from the emotions of which, I hope a book of substance emerges someday – I don’t like flooding Twitter with personal information as a courtesy to those who may be following me. Blog is different. One can choose to read or not read. Or one can choose to read at their convenience. It’s a matter of choice. And choices are essential.

Harvard Business Review: A successful business is defined by its ability, to make difficult choices from a set of seemingly good options. Distracted decisions, dispersed energies & confused goals are why 80% businesses shut shop in 1st year.

  • Someone once asked me on why I needed to pen something the moment I felt it. Why not experience the moment & write about it in leisure.

My answer was: writing is like photography, painting, music, sculpting etc.

You need to create what inspires you, there & then. It’s impossible to come back at leisure & recreate what you liked, because you won’t feel the emotion you first did. And without emotions, any creation is pointless.

Emotion is an energy that connects us to a higher place. That’s why all creations are called inspirations. `It was inspiring’ – that’s what we say when something touches us. What has touched us is not the creation but the emotion behind the creation.

I collect information from my own life with the hope that a book of substance will emerge some day. When that moment comes, I will need to fall back on the emotions of the moments gone & not the mere happenings.

  • That defines my urge to write as I feel. As I feel so I write.

Edit 1: My route was from Arail Ghat via Yamuna to Ganga to Sangam.

Edit 2: From the boat, I first washed my hands & face in Yamuna & sprinkled her waters over my head. Then we moved into the waters of Ganga. Again, I washed my hands & face in her waters & sprinkled a bit of Ganga over my head. Then we proceeded to Sangam where I repeated this routine. And then plunged headlong into the waters. For the record.

Edit 3: Yamuna is not Sangam. Ganga is not Sangam. Ganga & Yamuna merging into the spot of invisible Saraswati is Sangam. If it is not Sangam, it is not valid – IF the intention was to make it to the Sangam point. If the intention was merely to have a holy dip – then by all means, every bath anywhere on the banks of Prayag is valid during Kumbh. Period.

Edit 4: The Ida & Pingala naadis – when they merge into 1, they create the Sushumna naadi. When Ganga & Yamuna merge into 1, they create the Saraswati (enlightenment).

Edit 5: Ida, Pingala, Sushumna – the 3 naadis that generate enlightenment & information from the world beyond to reach us in our conscious state in Kundalini meditation.

Edit 6: Sushumna means “burst of joy”. It’s a state-of-mind rather than a tangible object. It represents the state of joy when 2 merge into 1.

Similarly there is no visible Saraswati. It merely comes into existence (as an energy) when Ganga & Yamuna merge into 1.

So at Sangam point – it is merely 2 rivers merging into 1 & the tremendous energy which is generated as a result. That is the significance.

In continuation to this same significance, it is important to spend the night in the radius of that energy. Only then can you fully absorb it. Heavenly energies can neither descend, nor ascend, nor transcend nor transfer themselves in a hurry.

From sunset to sunrise – the energies are inward pulling. Available energies will be sucked into the Sangam. Then at sunrise, the energies are spurted back with renewed force into the atmosphere again. That is when you should have your bath, so can receive & absorb those energies & take back what is due to you – from sunrise to sunset.

So the attempt on which we get all those parameters correct – is valid. The attempt on which any of those parameters are missing – is not valid.

Edit 7: As far as benefits of heavenly energies are concerned – those will be available to every soul, man or animal, in the radius of 45kms from Sangam. No one can take that away. So strangely, these energies will envelope every person in that city even if they cannot make it to anywhere near the waters. Truly, it’s a blessed city.

Edit 8: Same logic is what I have explained to my better-half & my sibling as they gear up for Maghi Poornima. Let’s hope they get it right. Only time will tell.

Thank-you WordPress – for all this virtual space.


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