Are You An Alien? – Take The Test

Are You An Alien? Take The Test…

Take the test first & I’ll tell you the background that goes with this question.

  1. Do you feel out of place in this world many times?
  2. Do you feel you belong somewhere else?
  3. Do you feel totally not understood by those around you?
  4. Do you feel you have ideas that can change the world but no one really listens to you?
  5. Do you feel you can change the lives of those around you if they gave you even half a chance to explain to them how?
  6. Do you have an urge to change the world for the better, even in the smallest way, before you exit?
  7. Do you feel you have a skill or a talent that you can wield as a weapon to bring positive change to the world?
  8. Do you feel trapped while acting out mundane human activities on a daily basis while you feel you should be contributing to something much bigger?
  9. Do you feel trapped by opinions, expectations, judgments & diktats of others – and often find yourself toeing the line to maintain peace?
  10. Do you experience a feeling of being contained sometimes, to the extent that you feel like exploding – and often find yourself seeking a release without hurting others?
  11. Do you experience constant sapping of energies as you unconditionally give to others – and do you subconsciously search for people who have energy fields that can replenish your depleted levels?

11/11? Yes you have that Alien DNA and it’s not as uncommon as you think.

Those are not my test questions that you see above – it’s a test sheet replicated from a book by Kaushalya Kuwadekar – Part II of the series “The Road to Shirdi”.

The author is a practitioner & teacher of many meditation techniques from around the world. The Alien theory is one such enlightenment that she received in one of her Buddhist meditation techniques & this theory was later validated by a disciple of Lahiri Mahashaya – a noted Siddha & creator of the very famous Kriya Yoga – the same Kriya Yoga that was practiced & preached by Yogananda Paramahansa.

What I intend to share here is merely a summary (and not the process) of a certain enlightenment (knowledge / information) received by the author, during her many practice sessions with Masters of Western & Buddhist practices – and the same enlightenment was validated by Indian Masters who taught her Kriya Yoga in Calcutta.

  • Plausible or outrageous is a matter of personal faith & personal logical deduction. To each his own. My effort starts & stops at dissemination of information that I find interesting. Whether the reader trashes it or uses it – is best left to the discretion of the readers themselves.

Let me start at the beginning.

Continued… Part II


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