My Road to Shirdi

My road to Shirdi

Sai of Shirdi has been a childhood faith, started from a time when I could not even understand the concepts of god-men or gurus. For me, this bearded old man in the picture had a benign presence & somehow he could work miracles.

There have never been any rituals or prayers that I associate with this old man of Shirdi, but whenever I reach a dead end, I look towards his photograph & plead mentally – and somehow a door I have never seen before, seems to exist.

I don’t pester him on a daily basis; but sometimes I do ask him to reveal himself through unusual occurrences or events – just so I know that he is there.

My impending trip to Shirdi is not exactly a random one. It’s roughly 6 months overdue. It’s the fulfillment of something that I had asked. That something stands amicably fulfilled.

But I delayed my trip with the hope that I could club it with a conclusive finale of something that was just 1 step short of falling into place.

Conclusive finale it was; in more ways than one. In 1089 days. From start to finish. Numbers from the start, numbers to the finish. The Universe spoke to me that night.

But it merits my visit to Shirdi. Why? One may ask…

Any act of creation or building, needs divine intervention. Be it – life, art, science, medicine, religion – creation cannot come to pass without the subtle hand of God.

How many times have we witnessed experts in their respective fields reach a dead end – in operating theatres, in sculptures, in architecture, in science laboratories, on the sports field – and they look upwards for the briefest moment & say “God help me here, show me a way”. And things fall in place.

Creation needs God-force – but destruction? Destruction needs no God, man is enough. All it needs is man’s Ego & a belief that he is God himself.

The library of Alexandra was built over time by an entire Egyptian civilization – yet was plundered in 7 days by an invasion that wished to destroy the knowledge it contained. The estimated manuscripts books in Alexandra’s library – crossed a million in those times. Its books were used to fuel kitchen fires in a vicious bid of destruction. Who knows what rare knowledge was consumed to flames over a cup of tea… and many more acts across civilizations.

Destruction needs no God. Just 1 man who believes that he is God.

My trip to Shirdi is an affirmation of God’s intervention in every aspect of my life.

Seeming acts of man – only fell into place for me, after they received their due stamp of approval – from a corresponding act of God. How can I then ignore & condemn all that has happened for a mere something that didn’t happen?

I have often been witness – in my own life & my observation of those around me – that a lot human pleas go answered by God. We wonder why He is not listening to us.

He listens alright. But He chooses to ignore you. Somewhere in recent / distant past – God must have intervened in your life – to make things happen for you – and give you a series of magical experiences – that others can only envy from a distance. He would have put many of his children on hold, to work these miracles for you…. A loving work of creation, God’s handiwork….

And then – you believe you are the Creator – you believe you are God – you have no power to create magic like He does – but you need to prove to yourself & others that you are God – you want more that what He may have decided to give you – you want to script your own story – so you snatch the pen away from Him – but sadly you are powerless to create your own story – your Ego is crushed – and so you destroy – in a single second – all that He lovingly & painstakingly created for you.

That is when He turns away from you. He will never work this same miracle for you again. Next time you crave it, do it on your steam. Next time, you may be the one watching from sidelines, while He works the same miracles for others. You are not worthy of His attention anymore. Hence… a lot of our pleas go answered.

But me – I don’t ever want Him to turn His face away from me. I don’t ever want Him to stop working miracles for me. I cherish what He has created for me. I have never destroyed what He has created for me. Those who mindlessly have – that karma is their own to resolve.

Which is why – my road will always lead to Shirdi. In thanksgiving. In gratitude.

This brings back to memory a very unique & unusual experience I had during Pitru Paksh of 2012. A moment where I truly believed I connected with ancestors – and a certain ancestor whom I never recognized – but someone who surfaced in my meditation ritual from day 1 – made a prediction for me that came to pass before 14 days were over. “What you have asked for from Sai of Shirdi has been granted” he said…

Perhaps later sometime on this.


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